Your Ideal Fit - Conscious Living

Jun 14th 2019

Arrival from 5pm - Friday 14th June.

Departure at 10am – Monday 17th June.

Conscious Living Retreat

The retreat was designed for attendees to experience a very holistic, everyday approach to wellness without specifically touching on spirituality. Mindfulness through exercise is my mantra, coupled with an obsession for food and nutrition.
Improving the balance between strength and flexibility, in muscles around joints, has profound benefits. The posture is improved and the body is less prone to injury over the long term. Pilates addresses this in a very technical, mindful way.

To truly benefit from Pilates, the student must be focused throughout a class and take ownership of how the mind and body approach exercise. Pilates fosters a unique consciousness, in turn helping to improve body awareness and the journey to personal improvement.

Retreat Food by Lauren Lovatt | Nutritious and Delicious

I was over the moon when chef Lauren Lovatt agreed to take part. Not only is her food ‘sector leading’ but our philosophies are well aligned. Her work is plant based, devoted to sustainability, seasonality, local production and respecting provenance. She's also an advocate of food’s contribution to positive mental health. Certain foods act powerfully beyond a simple taste. When utilised mindfully, nutrition can support all types of positive mental states.

Special Contributors

The other retreat team members are experts in their fields and will be on hand to introduce ideas and concepts to assist making conscious choices for our bodies and the world around us.
 Sjaniel Turrell has decades of experience with natural beauty products and distils information so consumers can decipher the “back of the labels”. Vivobarefoot will host a footwear workshop, explaining what’s wrong with pretty much all the shoes we wear day to day.

We were all attracted to a theme of “Conscious Living” as we each live it daily. We then discovered the underlying ethos ties beautifully with the West Lexham venue as they fly their flag for sustainability.

The three-night retreat will feature:

  • Two Pilates classes per full day 

  • Three gourmet plant-based meals per full day 

  • Luxury ensuite accommodation 

  • Clean Make-Up workshop with Sjaniel Turrell 

  • VivoBarefoot workshop 

  • Country walks 

Our collective mission is to provide each attendee four days escape from their busy lives. The sole focus will be themselves and how they might approach wellbeing consciously. We want them to feel cared for, nourished, comfortable and relaxed, so they return home feeling energised, empowered and the ideal version of themselves; hopefully having been inspired and learnt something new and valuable.

About Lucy Mills

Lucy believes the fundamentals of Pilates are important to everyone. Improving the balance between strength and flexibility, in muscles around joints have profound benefits. As posture is improved, the body is less prone to injury long term. Pilates addresses this thinking in a very technical, mindful way. Often mistaken for “stretching”, everyone can benefit by integrating Pilates strengthening and stabilising into their exercise regime - even if it’s just once a week. “It’s a great way to improve mobility, stability, spinal health and overall body awareness.”

After working professionally as a dancer in theatre, Lucy qualified as a Pilates, Barre and TRX instructor. She works full time across a selection of London’s private members’ clubs, including premium venues KX Chelsea and Mortimer House, Fitzrovia. She also trains private clients in their West London homes and internationally via video calls.

“My teaching philosophy is very much aligned with classical Pilates methods, where focus is on placement, posture and technique; considering the body as a whole and balancing strength and flexibility. When done in the way Joseph Pilates intended, the practice is a very mindful discipline without being classified as spiritual per se.”

The Menu

Chef Lauren Lovatt will prepare 3 plant based meals a day and nutritionally balanced, guilt-free treats throughout.

With a keen eye for presentation and a passion for the most vibrant seasonal ingredients Lauren's style is all about elevating natural ingredients.

Expect bountiful seasonal creations to support Spring wellness with delicious ideas, recipes and tips to enjoy after the retreat.

Prices & Offers

All rooms are ensuite and can be booked as a private room, or on a 2-person or 3-person sharing basis. 

Retreat Package & Shared Room (3 people) - £499 pp

Retreat Package & Shared Room (2 people) - £599 pp

Retreat Package & Private Room (1 person) - £699 pp

 For those local to West Lexham who would like to join the retreat but do not require accommodation:

Retreat Option without Accommodation - £349 pp

To Book

Contact Lucy:

Book via her website: 

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