'Tending the Garden' with Phillipa Gendall

Nov 01st 2019

The Great Barn & En Suites

1st-3rd November 2019

This retreat is designed to help you improve your alignment and practice techniques within a steady flowing practice. We will practice with a sense steadiness and ease, connecting breath and movement.

Classes will be suitable for all levels, except complete beginners.


Healthy vegetarian food will be prepared by a professional chef each day.

About Phillipa

Phillipa is an established yoga teacher, teaching since 1999. Her teaching style is based around her own experience of yoga, teaching a steady, flowing progressive practice with an awareness to the breath linking the poses, but also with a strong emphasis on technique and alignment.


Triple ensuite £395

Twin ensuite £450

Single occupancy (limited - please email for price)

To book, please contact Phillipa directly.

Email: pippag1@hotmail.com

Website: www.phillipayoga.com

Instagram : @sutra108

Facebook : @phillipayoga

Twitter: @phillipa_yoga

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