Spring Cleanse Yoga Retreat

Apr 19th 2019

Retreat Leader Bio

My name is Rina Golan. I am a yoga acharya, and have been an explorer and for the last two decades – a student of what wellbeing means – exploring many perspectives, from ancient philosophy to scientific approaches.

At the heart of my work, food, yoga and practices that allow you to uncover your innate potential and to develop emotional resilience and balance. For you, your community and ultimately, our planet.

What I am offering is not new.

In fact much of it is based on ancient teachings and understandings of how the body, mind and spirit all need nourishment and attention.

Retreat Info

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Watch this retreat video to learn more > www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jnrx5wkPGhU

Join me on a journey deeper into what wellbeing means for you, and from that knowledge find sustainable, practical ways to bring about positive change in your life.

Winter is a time to strengthen the immune system, to reflect, heal and find mental clarity. This retreat provides a gentle way to cleanse, nourish, rebalance your system, allowing you to return to your self.


A Typical Day

08.30-09:00: Superfood shake

09.00-11.00: Morning breathwork, Vinyasa yoga & Yoga Nidra

11.30-13.30: Preparing and eating raw & cooked lunch

13.30-14.30: Silent walk, private consultation, treatment or just time to chill out

14.30-15:00: Tea & raw snack break

15.00-16.00: ‘Healing Living Kitchen’ class

16.00-17.00: More treatments to pamper yourself / free time

17.00-18.30: Restorative/Yin yoga & meditation class

18.30-20.00: Food preparation & delicious vegan meal

20.30-21.30: Yoga Nidra / meditation / movie


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Beautiful, organic, seasonal, and where possible, local food is central to every retreat. Together we will prepare and eat both cooked and raw foods chosen to nourish the body and support mental and physical balance.

Nourishment is a core element of my work and the retreats include guidance and education of how you can use food to rejuvenate the self.

During our time together you will learn how to prepare superfood shakes, smoothies, cook healthy delicious food, including raw chocolate and turmeric shots (all sugar, gluten, animal protein free).


“Forget the free and connecting yoga, forget the delicious, highly nutritional shakes and meals, forget the beautiful, birdsong-filled, natural surroundings….what you have in this retreat is spiritual advice offered with insight and love, freedom of heart and mind and a solid platform to build again. Perfect.”

Nina Edmond, Bristol

Prices & Offers

4 days, 3 nights (19th - 22nd April) in the Main Barn

Rooms: £455 shared triple

Shared twin: £475

Single Occupancy: £595

£45 extra for ensuite.

Booking & Contact Information

To book, please contact Rina Golan directly.

Mobile: 07896659902

Tel: 01373673241

Website: www.ringolan.co

Instagram: www.instagram.com/rinagolan_wellbeing


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