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Bell tents are still the most luxury cotton canvas tents on the market. They were originally designed in the 1800s, and have been tweaked and improved every since. The canvass is breathable so does not get to hot and stuffy, but keeps you nice and dry. The centre pole is over 7ft tall so you can stand up and walk around them. At 5m wide they can fit you and your family in furnished boutique camping style, in fact they could fit an estate car and two smart cars in (seriously!) if you wanted to.

You don't have to do any of the hard work of setting up your tent! In fact not only is your tent set up for you it is the best canvass money can buy, and it is furnished with a wooden bed, rugs, furniture and lights! What is more no weeing in the bushes, we have vintage flushing loos and hot showers. The campfire is no pile of damp sticks but a gorgeous fire bowl with chopped and seasoned logs. You don't need to cook over it though as we have a fully equipped kitchen with fridges, gas hobs, oven, wood fired pizza oven, cutlery, crockery etc. With our attention to detail and reclaimed and vintage furniture, we bring boutique camping to the countryside. We drop off food for you or even cook it, and we can provide plenty of entertainment around our extensive grounds.

West Lexham is a small, private boutique family glamping holiday camp, on a beautiful family estate in the heart of the countryside. We were one of the first to start glamping in the world and so are always innovating and keeping ahead of the game. We have achieved this by providing unrivalled and unique facilities – it is a very special place. West Lexham glamping holidays give you a chance to unwind and spend some quality time with your friends, family or take a perfect romantic break with your loved one in inspiring natural surroundings.

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