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All hampers and drop off meals can be booked with a minimum of 3 working days notice.
"Food is so important to me on so many levels.  It brings people together & it is emotive. 
I feel privileged to be passionate about my work.  There is a lot to be said for taking 
pleasure in the little things in life but then what we eat couldn’t be more important.  
Living in this part of rural Norfolk, cooking from the hub of our little house, 
I find it impossible not to cook seasonally with only the freshest local ingredients. 
Homemade sums it up & I take pride in making everything from scratch & providing it at 
reasonable prices.  Seeing people coming together enjoying themselves over something 
you have produced for them is a gift that keeps on giving".
- Eliza 


 Hamper Service


B R E A K F A S T  H A M P E R 

£39.95 | SERVES 2

Sliced sourdough, butter, organic milk, local honey, local sausages & bacon, free range eggs,

sugar free granola, organic yogurt, seasonal fresh fruit, local apple juice, ketchup, HP, mustard

Allergens | wheatmilk, soyasulphitesnuts, milk, celery 


V E G E T A R I A N  B R E A K F A S T  H A M P E R 

£39.95 | SERVES 2

As above but with 'Ready to roll' za'atar spiced flat bread, slow roast tomatoes, fresh field mushrooms

& baby spinach instead of bacon & sausages

Allergens | wheatmilk, soyasulphitesnuts, milk, celery


M E A T  P I Z Z A  H A M P E R 

£17.95 | SERVES 2

Homemade ready to roll dough, tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, parmesan,

caramelised red onions, olives, pepperoni 

Allergens | wheat, celery, milksulphiteswheat


V E G G I E  P I Z Z A  H A M P E R 

£17.95 | SERVES 2

Homemade ready to roll dough, tomato sauce, roasted seasonal veg, goats cheese,

caramelised red onion, parmesan

Allergens | wheatcelerysulphitesmilk


B B Q  M E A T  H A M P E R 

£17.95 | SERVES 2

Local burgers, local sausages, smokey chicken & bacon BBQ skewers,

artisan rolls, baby gem lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup

Allergens | wheat, eggmustardcelery


B B Q  G O U R M E T  M E A T  H A M P E R  

£23.95 | SERVES 2

Bavette steak with chermoula, coriander & ginger marinated butterflied chicken breast &

Moroccan marinated double lamb loin chop with a quinoa salad with seasonal leaves & tahini sauce

Allergens | sulphitescuminmilksesame


B B Q  V E G G I E   H A M P E R 

£17.95 | SERVES 2

Halloumi, seasonal veg for grilling, caramelised red onion, za’atar spiced flatbread dough,

olive oil, baby gem, mixed salad leaves & lemon vinaigrette

Allergens | milksulphites, sesamewheat


K I D S  C AM P F I R E  K I T 

£9.95 | SERVES 2

2 hot chocolate swizzle stirrers, 1 pt organic milk, marshmallows, skewers,

paper bag lantern, LED tealight 

Allergens | milk, soyawheat




M A C A R O N I     C H E E S E

£11.95 | SERVES 2

Rich macaroni cheese made With quality extra mature cheese

Allergens | wheatmilk


F I S H  P I E

£11.95 | SERVES 2

Made with locally sourced fish 

Allergens | fishmilkwheatsulphites

Extra warning: although every care has been taken to remove all bones, some may remain.

S P I C E D  A U B E R G I N E,  S W E E T  P O T A T O, S P I N A C H  &  

 C H I C K P E A  C O C O N U T  C U R R Y

£11.95 | SERVES 2

delicious fragrant medium hot vegan & gluten free curry

Allergens | mustard 



£11.95 | SERVES 2

Classic Italian comfort food made with local free range beef & locally sourced veggies

Allergens |milkcelerywheat, sulphitessulphur dioxide


C H I C K E N  L E E K  &  M U S H R O O M  P I E

£11.95 | SERVES 2

Go to hearty comfort food made with free range local chicken and locally sourced veggies

Allergens | celerywheatmilk




P I S T A C H I O  &  L E M O N  D R I Z Z L E  C A K E

£7.95 | SERVES 2

The delicious & nutritious pistachio gives sophistication to the classic sticky zesty lemon drizzle

Allergens | milkeggspistachio nutsalmondseggswheat


A P P L E  &  A L M O N D  C R U M B L E

£6.95 | SERVES 2

Vegan, gluten & sugar free

Healthy take on the classic using dessert apples instead of cookers, raw honey & maple syrup instead of sugar,

almonds in place of flour & coconut oil instead of butter.

Allergens | almonds 

C H O C O L A T E  B R O W N I E

£3.95 | SERVES 1

Indulgent classic made with Belgian chocolate

Allergens | soyamilkeggs

Food Options

  • Hampers - Fresh ingredients for you to cook
  • Catering - Full menu & service options available by prior arrangement 
  • Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and detox options available by prior arrangement