Everyone seems to just love treehouses, you only need to mention the word and people's eyes light up. We are yet to meet someone of any age who does not want to go on holiday in a treehouse. A treehouse takes a wild holiday in nature to the next level – literally! We built the very first treehouse that could be rented for the weekend in the UK, so we know what we are doing, and are always keeping ahead of the game. Our first treehouse was so successful, that we built three more and taught a treehouse building course on the way. The treehouses vary in size and layout and so each provides a different take on sleeping among the trees. Each one is hand built, designed and decorated in West Lexham's unique rustic-chic style providing oodles of charm and character. They are insulated and each have their own log burning stove so get warm and cosy, extending the traditional camping season from March to December.

We have two styles both are designed around the trees without fixing into the tree at all ,to protect the tree and allow it to sway freely. The Treehouses are raised on stilts to give views over the lake and down the valley. The Tree Temples are in the heart of the wood and are only raised a little making them perfect for toddlers.

There is something special about staying in a tree house that resonates with childhood dreams and the pure excitement of everyone bunking in together with the trees rustling above. Come as a couple, family or group and get cozy around your log stove or join others around the big fire circle to toast marshmallows and share stories. For larger groups why not book a number of properties together? Whatever way you choose to do it we can promise you an unforgettably original holiday.