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Vision & Ethos

Venue with Vision

Our vision is to create a living example of how the world could be. A place that you can come and stay that is as inspiring as it is a stunning Arcadia. An Arcadia that is a template for how rural revitalisation can be done with renewables and local economy building at its heart. A place to set out how we would like our future to be built.

Important to us...

We found the farm building here abandoned after 1000 years of farming history, so we have set about to re-purpose them. To rebuild livelihoods in the area and to recreate the buzzing community of yester year. A wonderful immersive experience for those who visit, but a way of life to those who live here.

Our vision is to build bedrooms and gathering spaces out of the heritage buildings and woodland with reclaimed materials. Works of art by craftsmen making unique furniture and settings with sustainably source or reclaimed materials where possible. To make everything bespoke and artistic. To bring visitors out of the box and inspire them to show is possible with creativity and to dream a better world. To power the place with solar energy and heat the place with locally sourced woodchips so that our impact on the planet is minimal.

To source our water from a clear spring on site form the chalk aquifer to give ultimate health and vitality. To source local ingredients and use passionate chefs to provide hearty meals that brings health and nourishment to the user.

To work with the river and the nature here to create the most beautiful gardens and walking trails possible to draw you into nature and breath the fresh air, to make you feel amazing and reconnected with the earth.

To create a local ecosystem with the team who work here and all our suppliers. To create an enlightened way of working together to provide good livelihoods for all, so that they can bring love into every element of what we offer you here. An atmosphere of caring. To build the local economy and resilience in the area.

To create a life for us, that you can come and share and be inspired by. Living as it should be, nourishing and nurturing to allow us to flourish and reach our fullest potential.

We particularly love to support those working on helping the environment and sustainability. Those who work on personally and collective development for our society. Anyone who is working towards making the world a better place of us and our children. Our ethos is about making a brighter future.

West Lexham is a place where others are encouraged to come and teach. We have set out a menu with all kinds of learning and creative gems, so that West Lexham can be a place of sharing and collaborative development.

West Lexham is a family run business. Three generations of the Colville family live on site. The project was conceived as a way to create a future and life for the farm buildings which history has caste aside. But also as a way that the generations might grow up and grow old together.

The venue is now run in partnership by Edmund, his wife Isabelle and mother Margaret Colville. The couple have two children Maya and Cosima.

We are extremely passionate about building and conserving West Lexham for future generations. Any profit goes into continually improving and beautifying the site.


Ethical venue

  • Run on principles of Social Enterprise
  • Measured goals of employment creation
  • Local economy & community building
  • Charity support scheme
  • Repurposing redundant but historic buildings
  • Proudly run on 90% renewable energy!
  • Electricity from 10KW PV solar Panels
  • Hot water and heating from 198KW biomass boiler & log fires
  • Wood & Wood chip sourced from within a few miles
  • Eco build & reclaimed materials
  • Food sourced locally & organic where possible
  • Mineral water from our protected chalk aquifer
  • Protect & enhance our rare Chalk Stream
  • Enhance the habitat of the water meadows (Site of Special Scientific Interest)