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Wood fired Pizza at West Lexham glamping

How to Make Your Own Wood-Fired Pizza

September 11, 2019

You’ll find the cob pizza oven in the Garden Kitchen, available for everyone staying in a treehouse or a bell tent to use. It's all part of the West Lexham glamping experience, so we definitely recommend giving it a go.

It takes a lot of wood and a fair amount of time (around 30-40 mins) to get the fire raging, so if possible, we recommend teaming up with your fellow West Lexhamers when lighting the oven.

Once lit, please make sure that the fire is attended at all times and that children are kept under a watchful eye - it gets extremely hot in there!


First, scrunch up some sheets of newspaper and make a pile towards the back of the pizza oven. Now add some pieces of kindling directly on top. You should find plenty of paper, kindling and wood under the oven in the Garden Kitchen.


Next, pack more newspaper and kindling onto the pile. If unsure, be quite generous at this stage… this is what is going to help light the logs! Now stack some smaller logs around the kindling and newspaper. Try to create a teepee shape, assuring air flow underneath the logs.


Set light to the newspaper using a match. Once the kindling is burning well, the logs will begin to take. If the fire is struggling, try adding more kindling to build it back up.


When the fire is raging and embers are starting to form you can add some larger logs (with caution!).  The oven needs to get nice and hot to cook your pizza crust to perfection. Once it’s got going, move the fire to one side of the oven so that the flames lick up the wall and heat the whole oven.
Whilst one person gets the fire started, it’s a great time for someone else to start making the dough and sauce!

Simple Pizza Dough Recipe 


550g strong flour

2 tsp yeast

1.5 tsp salt

Drizzle of oil

300ml luke warm water

Mix it all together and knead for 10 minutes until an elastic dough is formed. Coat the ball in oil then place it in a bowl and cover. Leave it next to the oven until it’s doubled in size. 

Next, break off portions of the ball and shape into your pizza base. The recipe should make 3-4 pizzas depending on thickness.

Quick Pizza Sauce Recipe

unnamed (1)-2.jpg

1 can of tomatoes

A squeeze of tomato puree

1 tsp of oregano

A drizzle of olive oil

Salt to taste

For an extra punch of flavour, start by gently frying some finely chopped garlic.

Simmer until the recipe has reduced by ⅓, stirring regularly.


Once you’ve made your dough base, add a thin spread of sauce along with your favourite pizza toppings. The fire should have been burning for 30-40 minutes at this point. 

Cook your pizza on the opposite side of the oven to where you have pushed your fire and keep a close eye on it to avoid burning.


After a few minutes, turn your pizza to make sure that it’s cooked evenly on both sides. 

Keep adding wood as required to keep the flames and embers going as you cook the rest of your pizzas.


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