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About West Lexham


We cannot deny it.... we want to change the world. Some say that we are dreamers, but we're not the only ones. We hope some day you'll join us here at West Lexham. If you have a vision of the world as a better place and use our space to help to make that happen, then we welcome you. We are passionate about facilitating the evolution of our society on all levels. We have hosted everything from think tanks on new economics, to collaborative leadership programs, to empowering arts events. Please get in touch to see how we might work together. Our project is as much about building the local community ecosystem as it is of creating a community of interest internationally to imagine and live a better life for all. For us West Lexham is a dream made reality and we would like to share it.


West Lexham is about living with a deeper connection to nature, to ourselves and to each other. We look at our environment as ourselves. We are nearly 100% run on renewable energy. Our electricity comes from PV panels, our buildings and water are heated by a biomass boiler powered by locally sourced woodchip. Wherever possible we support the local economy by buying our food and materials locally. We see ourselves as the lucky stewards of this exceptional area of nature and rich heritage. The River Nar flows through our valley, and is the cleanest of the 160 chalk streams in the world. It is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest with its underwater realm of life and floating water meadows. We use the profits from the business to not only preserve this habitat but to enhance it and the historical buildings around it, to be enjoyed in perpetuity.


For us inner change is as important as outer change in the wider world. The whole process of starting a business and a family has been utterly transformative. It has been tremendously challenging and ultimately rewarding. Looking back on it, it has been a spiritual journey that has brought us all at West Lexham to a very good place. The virtuous circle in this means that in turn West Lexham is itself a very good and healing place. We invite you to join us as we continue to get to know ourselves and others, and allowing us to do work in the wider world from a place of freedom. You will be greeted here with a warm smile and a gentle pace of life. Refresh your perspective and recharge your mojo with a blend of restful nature retreat, chats and laughter under the stars. Come and let us know what you have learnt.