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Sacred Heart School Visit to West Lexham

April 3, 2012

A group of around 30 pupils from Sacred Heart School in Swaffham brought glorious spring weather with them for their school outing to West Lexham.

They arrived with bright smiles, bags of treasures for mosaic making and a fine larder of pizza dough and toppings. The morning was spent taking in a historical tour of the site and its buildings, led by Edmund and Dora the dog. They learned about the old farm and how the village has changed since farming was mechanised, and about how the current Education Centre would become a sustainable local business employing people and services from the surrounding villages. They also enjoyed a tour of the Saxon round tower church of St Nicholas just over the road, and saw the field where the Farmers' Market will be held.

The latter part of the morning was spent making mosaic paving blocks which will adorn the pathway leading up to the Farmer's Market and Permaculture Garden in Church Field. Their creations were beautiful and each one very different, the children were excited about seeing the stones in situ and showing their family and friends what they had made.

Lunch time was very much anticipated as the children learned that the woodfired cob pizza oven was being lit to get ready to cook their pizzas. An industrious team of pizza chefs and assistants got to enjoy freshly baked lunch in the sunny orchard and relax on the grass after their busy morning.

In the afternoon there were mosaics to finish, as well as an aquatic adventure to be had. Decked out in their bright orange lifejackets small teams of students climbed aboard rowing boats and set a course to discover the Shell House and its seaside secrets inside. The sun continued to blaze down and it was a fantastic afternoon.

The children and staff went on their way to be back for the end of the school day, mosaics all finished and looking happy and relaxed from a beautiful spring day outdoors. Thanks for coming all of you and we look forward to seeing you at The Farmer's Market!

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Sacred Heart School Visit to West Lexham

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